Meet Niki

Niki Quintero, B.S. Business Administration

Marketing & Communications for Balanced Bites & 21DSD, Producer for the Balanced Bites Podcast

Hi! I'm Niki.

I'm the Marketing Communications Manager & Balanced Bites Podcast Producer

What does that mean?

I lead all things marketing and community, while juggling a few of Diane's crazy projects on the side, including the podcast!

“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it”

– Roald Dahl


More about Niki

Niki loves fresh flowers for any occasion, the ample use of emojis while texting, and she firmly believes (sugar-free!) ketchup does not belong on the breakfast table.

When she heard Diane was moving back to San Francisco in 2015, she knew she wanted to join Team Balanced Bites and be a part of this ever-growing community of like-minded, health-focused folks, who are as excited about this lifestyle as she is.

With over 10 years of marketing & communications experience, Niki is also an enthusiastic home cook with a passion for organic, whole, unprocessed food, and loves that her job here at Balanced Bites allows her to combine both passions. In addition to communicating with you all (it makes her day to hear your transformation stories!), she works closely with Diane on brand sponsorships, recipe development & meal planning, while also producing the Balanced Bites Podcast and managing both the podcast & Balanced Bites Spices Instagram accounts.