21-Day Sugar Detox with Naomi

Date: October 21 - November 17
Event Type: Virtual/Online Events

21-Day Sugar Detox with Naomi

October 21 - November 17

Join me for a virtual 21-Day Sugar Detox. We’ll spend four weeks together kicking sugar to the curb! You’ll have four live coaching calls with me (that you can attend from the comfort of your own home!).

Week 0:

  • Your prep week for selecting your program level, getting to know the “Yes/No” food list and resources available to you
  • Understand what is real food and why it matters

Week 1:

  • Understand how sugar impacts your body
  • The 21DSD-approved way to grocery shop, create a meal, dine out, and travel

Week 2:

  • Discuss how to assess foods
  • Reflect on your daily habits and lifestyle

Week 3:

  • Life after the 21-Day Sugar Detox

I’ll introduce you to new-to-you foods, show you how to develop an acute awareness to recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle signals your body sends you, and teach you skills so that you can confidently and independently sustain the healthier habits that you’ll develop during this program.

Learn more at: www.livefablife.com/21dsd