January 21DSD & 21DSD+

Date: January 20
Time: All Day Event
Event Type: Virtual/Online Events
Location: , GA

January 21DSD & 21DSD+

January 20 All Day Event

020 – New year. New You.

Aren’t you tired of doing a “diet” to lose weight? It’s time to learn how to eat, move and LIVE…in a way that doesn’t change much when you reach your goal weight. Losing weight & maintaining weight shouldn’t look that much different.

Health is forever, not for just weight loss

I believe in real food. I believe in eating more vegetables. I believe you have the power to change your health by learning how to change what you put on your plate.

I also know that it doesn’t happen without a plan.

I have several tools I use with my clients when weight loss is the goal. All options provide enough “structure” to keep you focused and on track…but with enough flexibility so you can still live life.

Staying focused is the goal. Small daily changes add up to big results.

2020 is YOUR YEAR to lose weight and start fresh…in a healthy “non-diet” way. The 21-day Sugar Detox is not solely about weight, that’s why I love it. However, there is no denying the correlation between weight & health, so results are essential. To be at your healhiest…you should also be at a healthy weight.

And we want to do this in the healthiest way possible.

Whole foods. Reset. Weight loss. Lifetyle.

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Pre-Detox week begins 1/20 & 21-day Sugar Detox begins on 1/27

60-day coaching group available and 1:1 Coaching Options are available that can work around your schedule.