The 21-Day Sugar Detox Community Update | An open letter to the 21DSD community

21DSD Community Update: An open letter to The 21-Day Sugar Detox community

More than ten years ago, I created the 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) with the goal of helping people curb their sugar cravings and live healthier, happier lives.

It was a program that I needed, and that I know many of you needed, too, and I am proud of what I created and the community that you all have created around it. I’m proud of your nutritional shifts and accomplishments that followed that reached far beyond just what was on your plate.

What started as an ebook transformed into three published books and a huge community of participants, coaches, alumni, and advocates for the program. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been touched by this program through our books, social channels, and active online community groups, which is certainly mind-blowing and humbling.

I am truly grateful for each and every one of you who supported the 21DSD over the years.

Recently, I have had it on my heart to shift the focus of my work, and with that shift, I’ve decided to end social media and online community support from my team for The 21-Day Sugar Detox program for a number of reasons.

First, my thoughts and attitudes towards the way we all talk about what we’re eating have shifted. I no longer want to directly support diet culture through actively posting about or leading challenges in the way that I once did. When I say “I,” in this case, I do also mean my team, Team Balanced Bites, as they have primarily been responsible for the ongoing online support. 

Second, in focusing on core values that I hold, I’ve recognized that I look up to and value the thoughts and opinions of people based on concepts far outside of their fitness level or nutrition interests, and want to model this behavior as well. While I will absolutely always love food, cooking, and teaching about how to make delicious and nourishing meals, I don’t want the focus of my work to be a “detox” program.

Lastly, my team’s time and attention are valuable, and I want them to feel fully aligned in their work as well as with where my vision as their leader is taking us. I also highly value work-life balance both for myself and for my team. I don’t want anyone to feel anxious or stressed by the need to divide their attention.  My vision is taking Balanced Bites as a food company into new territory, and to feel cohesive and like we’re all working together for a common goal, I want everyone who is working with me to have their attention focused on the same things.

What does this mean for you?

The 21-Day Sugar Detox books and website will still be available as resources, but the social media channels will no longer be active / supported, we’ll be ending our weekly email newsletter, and we will not run any “official” monthly groups. We will also be closing our 21DSD Facebook Community Group. All of these changes will happen effective March 1, 2021. You are welcome to form support groups on your own and use the books and online materials in any ways you find helpful.

You are also welcome to find a coach through our website to connect with them to form groups or find support if you’d like.

As the 21DSD winds down, my team and I are focusing our time and energy on growing Balanced Bites and helping people gain access to healthy food options including our spices, meals, snacks, and nutrition resources through the online shop, San Francisco store, and social media channels. 

If you’re interested in following along our journey, you’re welcome to join the email newsletter where we share cooking tricks, health tips, recipes, and more.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to serving you as part of the Balanced Bites community!



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  1. Diane,

    I have followed your work for quite some time and I may say I LOVE this idea. I think the “Paleo” community has shifted so much over the years and I am glad to know the people I consider mentors ( You!, Liz, Sisson, Kresser etc) have shifted their views and ideals. As an NTP, I find it hard to educate people who have a fixed mindset. Things are a changin’ constantly, we gotta find what works for you!

    Thank you for all the work you do.

  2. I love the 21DSD, but I completely support your decision to let go of the social media groups, etc and I support your reasons for it. As someone who has had food issues in the past, but has also learned to use food for healing my autoimmune symptoms, I like the idea of stepping away from anything that makes the culture feel “diet-ish”. Wishing you and your team all the best. I’m enjoying the focus on business as well, by the way! I’ve been getting my hustle on with your help!

  3. Diane & team,

    I have been with you all since Day 1 with that e-book. It literally SAVED MY LIFE & for that I am so appreciative. The 21DSD provided me with many experiences & lessons on how my body & mind deal with food. It gave me the guardrails I needed at the time to find my way. Thanks for all you’ve done for so many.

    As with you & many others, I find my views & needs ever-evolving. The journey to healthy is neither prescriptive not one-size-fits-all. It is not sustainable, as I’ve also learned.

    I honor & respect your decision as it holds true to the original Diane that I remember.

    Best wishes on BB & all the joy that will come with it!

  4. I fully support your decision! This totally makes sense and can understand your commitment to new endeavors that are more aligned with your goals. Will 21DSD Online Program still be available, for those of us who have/use our logins?

    1. Post

      Hi Nicole,

      The Online Program will be available for now, but will be going away at some point. I recommend you download all the downloads to have handy for when that does happen. There is no set date at this time. All of the daily content is also available on the blog, just search for the day you’re looking for! -Moriah, Team 21DSD

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