21DSD Testimonial: “I have so much energy and feel great about how my body has changed!”

Hey Folks! We're excited to introduce Jeanne W., a 21DSD alum. Jeanne's testimonial is part of a series featuring participants who rocked their 21DSDs! Enjoy! – Diane and Team

Quick-fire facts

Level completed: Level 2

Favorite thing about the program: Eating healthy without having to buy anything special from the grocery store.

Favorite 21DSD recipe: Sausage and Spinach “Polenta” Bowl (page 186 of The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide)

Awesome benefits I experienced:

  • Sugar & carb cravings diminished or eliminated
  • Change in overall lifestyle choices for the better
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved mood and general outlook on life
  • Weight loss (12lbs.!)

In my own words

I have struggled for many years with weight loss/gain after surviving thyroid cancer. I was very down on myself, hated the way that I Iooked, had a lack of energy, and just gave up. After having knee surgery, I made the decision to purchase the book and commit to the 21-day program. I have just recently completed the program and it has changed my life.

I have so much energy and feel great about how my body has changed both inside and out!! I am back to working out three times a week and my old eating habits are a thing of the past. I never realized how bad they were until taking on this 21-day challenge. I want to thank you, Diane, for changing my lifestyle!

This is a fabulous program and I would recommend it to anyone!!

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    1. I am new to researching the 21-Day Sugar Detox.
      Losing weight and more energy sounds wonderful to me!
      I’m in!

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