21DSD Testimonial: “I love what it has done for my body, mind, and family!”

Hey Folks! We're excited to introduce Santana R., a 21DSD alum. Santana's testimonial is part of a series featuring participants who rocked their 21DSDs! Enjoy! – Diane and Team

Quick-fire facts

Level completed: Level 2

Favorite thing about the program: How it gave me my energy back and cleared my mind.

Favorite 21DSD recipe: Breakfast Salad (p. 130 in The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide) and the Peanut Sauce (p. 234 in The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide)

Awesome benefits I experienced:

  • Sugar & carb cravings diminished or eliminated
  • Change in overall lifestyle choices for the better
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved mood and general outlook on life
  • Improved/reduced symptoms of hormonal imbalances
  • Weight loss (6lbs!)

Did you have any outside support?

In my own words

Before the 21-Day Sugar Detox I would pretty much eat all day long. I really never felt hungry because I always had some little snack in my hand. As a busy mother of two I felt I would use food as a reward for getting the kids to bed or surfing a crazy day. I used the journal as a daily guide and reminder.

I found the first few days a little tricky. I had to play around with the amount of food, but after the first week I felt good and had no problem saying no to certain foods.

One of the best things to come out of my 21-day detox is how my son and boyfriend have picked up some new healthy eating habits. My son wanted gluten-free bread, pasta, and pizza for all meals but he cut them out during my detox too. Cooking meals are no longer a burden and my love for cooking has returned. I plan to do another 21 days because I love what it has done to my body, mind and family. Highly recommend this program to any mother that is feeling drained and frustrated. It blows my mind how sugar can affect us.

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