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21DSD Testimonial: “I’m learning to accept my newly shaped body”

Hey Folks! We're excited to introduce Stephanie J., a 21DSD alum. Stephanie's testimonial is part of a series featuring participants who rocked their 21DSDs! Enjoy! – Diane and Team

Quick-fire facts

Level completed: 1

Favorite thing about the program: The meal plans and recipes 

Favorite 21DSD recipe: Anything with apples

Awesome benefits I experienced:

  • Change in palate/tastes
  • Change in overall lifestyle choices for the better
  • Improved energy levels
  • Improved mood and general outlook on life
  • Improved/reduced symptoms of hormonal imbalances
  • Improved skin health
  • Weight loss (45lbs. over 3+ rounds of the 21DSD!)

Non-scale victories:

  • Clear skin 🙂

Extra support that helped my success:

In my own words

After a sugar-induced coma from the holidays, I lazily sat on my couch feeling bloated, lethargic, and embarrassed from the empty bag of peanut butter M&Ms on the coffee table. My honeymoon vibe came to an end, and I felt miserable. Hormonal acne flares, unusual back pain, neck pain, and excruciating period cramping filled my winter break. After Christmas, weight loss advertisements started infiltrating my Pinterest feed. Seriously internet? I don’t need this right now. I like my triple-layered chocolate cake from Costco. Leave me alone.

Although I was annoyed from ads, I clicked on the sugar craving video on 21DSD. “Ever feel like a cupcake is calling your name?” Yes. ALL THE TIME. So, I bought the book. The unique thing about the 21DSD was that it had lifesaver meal plans.

January started my first round of the 21DSD. My husband helped me along. The single rule that helped me was to not have a single snack in the house. No chips, no Kirkland Trail mix with those delicious M&Ms, nothing sweet could be in my house. Also, I had to have a good breakfast that lasted while I was at work. If I didn’t eat a balanced breakfast, then I would ravenously eat the donuts at work. Avoidance and buying the right food helped me get through it.

My heaviest weight was 190 lbs. on January 4, 2016. The first detox round I saw results quickly on the scale. In January I lost 13 pounds right off the bat. Then the next couple months it was 5 lbs. here and there. During the summer, I hovered around 165 lbs. January was the month that I fully followed the 21DSD meal plan. Months after that I started eating sprouted wheat bread and gluten free pasta.

In July, a new gym opened up in my city. I started attending the Barre Fitness classes. I experienced hair loss (from losing so much weight), so I got a blood test from the doctor. The naturopathic doctor prescribed B-complex vitamins, ortho thyroid supplements, greens powder, and flax oil. At that appointment, my blood sugar was considered borderline pre-diabetic. How can that be? I’ve been really avoiding sugar for half the year?! Anyways, the diet plan the doctor suggested lined up with 21DSD. My only rationale with the blood sugar level was that in January it must’ve been drastically higher and I was unaware. In August, I started another round of the 21DSD and gave up the bread products again.

In the fall, I was so determined to keep the healthy eating and exercise up. School started and everyone was impressed with my results. I was at 145 lbs. Clothes officially no longer fit me. My pants and bra practically fell off. I was a size 12 pants and 14 dress in January. In September I was a size 6 pants and size 8 dress. By November and I had lost a total of 45 lbs.

Recently, I had a self-actualization moment. I was at the gym, and I was looking at new jackets. Two other girls and I were trying on different sizes. I could swear that they were skinnier than me, but they got the medium sizes. When I tried medium on, it was way too big. I drove home trying to figure out what just happened. I realized something was wrong with how I viewed my body. Out of habit I went to the larger sized clothing racks first because I’ve always been a large or XL. Now I’m a small?

I got the tape measure out and started measuring myself. I needed some logic or a visual because the reflection in the mirror was lying to me. I discovered I had lost 4 inches on my rib cage/back and 5 inches on my bust. I lost 4 inches on my waist. I also lost 5 inches on my hips.

I think every girl has struggled with body image at one point in their life. I liked my curves. I liked my heavy bust and chubby cheeks. My husband is helping me with accepting my newly shaped body. I think most of all I want to share with others that they can do the same thing. It’s such a simple way to eat, and sugar is so bad for you!

On a positive note, I developed a new hobby. Now I cook all of the time. I am becoming really talented in making a variety of sugar-free desserts. This Thanksgiving I am going to make a trifle with coconut cream layers, a sugar-free pumpkin pie, and a baked apple dessert.

The 21DSD is so effective. It’s cleared up acne, my PMS mood swings and the back pain went away, and of course I lost weight. My husband also lost 30 lbs. pounds from the different type of food I was making. I will truly follow an “I quit sugar” lifestyle for years to come. I still would like some “real” desserts and I drool when I see Costco cake at parties. However, I’m stronger now, and I’m sure I can get through the holidays to finish out the year without sugar.

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