Day 15

What to Expect:

“Not. Another. Green. Apple.”

You may experience: Boredom with food choices and longing for foods that you have eliminated. (There’s a lot of variety in the meal plan, so if you’re following that, maybe you’re not experiencing this at all.) Perhaps at first you were pretty excited about the fact that you could have some fruit on the 21DSD. By now, however, your giddiness over a green apple or an underripe banana or grapefruit may have faded.

Your best bet: Expand the foods you eat by one or two new proteins or cuts, two new vegetables, and a new spice blend or two. You won’t know what new flavors you love until you try them!

Today's Lesson:

Reigniting your motivation

This is it, your last week on the 21DSD. The mixed emotions that come with this week can be both liberating and challenging at the same time. On the one hand, you’re hitting a major stride with your preparation, building meals, and recognizing your own personal stressors and sugar/carb-eating triggers. On the other hand, you may be doubting the value of yet another full week of this program:

Maybe all I need are two weeks?

I think I have this thing down, maybe the last week is pointless?

I’ve made it far enough, haven’t I?

These are all potential negative mindsets that you may have as you enter into this final week. And I’m here to shut that down right now!

First and foremost, I want you to be so proud that you’ve gotten through the first two weeks! That is huge. It really is. But those two weeks are not the full program, and I can’t make any promises about how much better you’ll feel or say you’ll get the full benefits of the program if you cut it 33 percent short. I need you to hang in there and finish out this last week strong!

Channel your strength into simplifying everything you’ve been doing to keep moving forward on this detox. For instance, take note of when you can save leftovers to use in another recipe, or when you see a 21DSD friendly snack that you can stash in your purse or desk drawer at the office. Work the lessons you’re learning into your daily life and find ways to make small changes in your thought process about how you approach meals throughout the day.

Finishing the 21DSD isn’t about just going back to how you ate before the detox! It’s about incorporating the healthy lessons you’ve learned into your life beyond the 21DSD. Sure, you’ll eat more things post-detox than you do now, but you won’t throw away what you’ve learned about healthy eating or what feels good for your body. So start paying close attention now to what you’ll plan to continue doing once the three weeks end. Don’t worry, I’m going to guide you through your post-detox week to help you make that shift, but right now, just get the wheels turning and trust that you can and will keep a lot of these healthy habits going!

The Dish from Diane:

As you head into this last week, I don’t want you thinking about how the detox is a black-and-white period of time where you ate a certain way, and life after your detox will be totally different. I want you to think about all the grey areas where you can find yourself eating the real, whole, nutrient-dense foods you’ve come to love on the program as part of your routine. The real benefits from this program are the lessons you learn, not simply the three weeks of time while you follow it. In order to reap the same amazing benefits that thousands of other participants have over the years, you need to take responsibility here. The choices you make most of the time matter more than the ones you make for a short amount of time. In other words, this detox can change your life, but only if you let it!

Today's Checklist:

  • Post to social media using the hashtag #21DSD about your day 15 experience and share one way you will incorporate your new healthy habits into your life after the 21DSD.

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