Day 21

What to Expect:

“This is it!”

You may experience: Relief, pride, excitement, and sheer joy that you made it to day 21!

Your best bet: Finish this day out strong. Get your head on straight about what tomorrow will bring, and hang with me here for your post-detox week of support and guidance—I’m not leaving you hanging!

Today's Lesson:

Break free from someone else’s plan, program, or rules

What the 21-Day Sugar Detox program does is release you from the chains that sugar and carbs may have had on you before you began. Remember that feeling you used to get after every meal where you couldn’t help wanting or even needing something sweet to eat? Or the 3 p.m. afternoon sugar crash when your coworker would tempt you with the candy bowl? Do they feel like a distant memory? Good! While these cravings have subsided during this program, the ability to make healthier choices on autopilot have strengthened.

This program has worked to detox your body and your life in three distinct ways:

  • Your blood sugar and energy levels: Now your body is more naturally efficient at burning fat for fuel and supporting your liver, which improves your metabolism and ability to regulate your blood sugar levels. This will impact your life in more areas than you can even imagine: sleep, gym, immune system, and more!
  • Taste buds: Your palate’s ability to adapt is truly astounding. Before, your palate was on overdrive from the sugar added to either to sweeten foods or serve as a preservative for shelf-stable items, which left you with an increased tolerance for sweetness day after day. Since you’ve removed these sweeteners and overly sweet foods, you can appreciate how sweet whole, natural foods like beets and carrots can be.
  • Habits: First and foremost, you could not have completed these last three full weeks of the 21-Day Sugar Detox without creating at least one new habit! A habit is a task you no longer have to think or stress about; the decisions have become automatic. When making good food choices is a habit, it’s true freedom—and exactly why you’ll stay on the right track tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after!

Now that you have a handle on what happens in your own body when you eat only 21DSD-friendly foods, you’ve got great sense of what works for you and what doesn’t! In the following week, you’ll learn even more about how foods you reintroduce impact your body, and with that knowledge, combined with what you’ve learned from the last three weeks, you’ll be equipped to choose your own way of eating that nourishes you in a healthy way.

The Dish from Diane:

YOU DID IT! I’m proud of you. I hope you’re proud of you, too. This program is challenging, to say the least. It’s rare that anyone gets through the three weeks without a few bumps or struggles, and I want you to know that it’s a big deal to say you’ve completed all twenty-one days. My next hope for you is that you can see exactly what kinds of other hard things you’re capable of doing now that this is behind you. If you can do this, what else can you do that you didn’t think you could? I can’t wait to hear from you about all of those things, and I hope you’ll stay connected with me via social media channels or through the website at

Today's Checklist:

  • Post to social media using the hashtag #21DSD about your experience. Tell us about your transformation, whether it’s emotional, mental, or physical—or all of the above!

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