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It’s my goal to provide you with as many resources as possible to empower you for success during your 21-Day Sugar Detox and beyond. I hope you find these resources helpful before, during, and after your 21-Day Sugar Detox.

Troubleshooting Digestion

Optimize your 21-Day Sugar Detox success by ensuring your digestion is in good working order. Nutrient dense whole food promotes good digestion but sometimes we need some extra support and troubleshooting. Check out my resource page for healthy digestion.

Troubleshooting Skin Issues

Most people find skin issues actually resolve themselves when doing The 21-Day Sugar Detox however, sometimes we need a little help and guidance on the right products to use. Liz Wolfe, Diane’s Balanced Bites Podcast sidekick, has been there done that and put in all in one helpful guide so you can have beautiful glowing skin too! You can find out more about the Purely Primal Skincare guide here.

Recipe Blogs & 21 Day Sugar Detox Experiences

The 21-Day Detox doesn’t stop here, there is a whole community of bloggers that have developed their own 21DSD recipes and many more that have shared their experiences. Connect with people just like you and be part of this incredibly supportive community.

Recipe Blogs:

Brittany Angell
The Food Lover’s Primal Palate
Grass Fed Girl
The Urban Poser
Zenbelly Blog

21 Day Sugar Detox Experiences:

Babble + bloom
Butterflies, peace, paleo
Fire Wifey
Fresh 4 Five
Funky’s Evolution
Half Indian Cook
Healthy Mom on the Run
Naturally Homemade
Oh me of little faith
Paleo Foodie Kitchen
Popular Paleo
Purplekat’s Kitchen
South Beach Primal
The Paleo Prize
The Rudd Manor Kitchen

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