The 21-Day Sugar Detox Program Updates: Starch Flours & More!

Hey everyone! We've got some news for you!

We have several UPDATES about starch flours, recommended products, and other items that have been frequently asked questions!

As you probably know, we are continually evaluating the program, listening to participants’ questions and needs, and evolving our stance on several items.

First, we are expanding the list of limited flours and starches to make the program more accessible to those just coming into this way of eating.

Allowing some starch flours makes it easier for people to bake something “normal” while on the program, and though part of the challenge of the 21-Day Sugar Detox is to change our habits and look at food in a new way, there are times when having a substitute for a favorite food is absolutely fine and even necessary, especially for those transitioning to a whole foods way of eating.

We also want to provide alternatives for people that have sensitivities to nut/coconut flours. It is so important to us to keep the program as inclusive as possible, and updating the starch allowances will provide more options for people with coconut or nut allergies.

21DSD-UPDATES-Post-SquareAll of the recipes in both the 21-Day Sugar Detox book and cookbook that contain arrowroot flour/starch are allowed for all levels regardless of modification, but are limited to one serving. This also includes Brittany Angell’s 21DSD Extra Crispy Waffles (limited to 1 serving per day).

Second, we are updating and clarifying some of the recommended store-bought products for those who would like pre-made options that are also 21DSD-approved.

Many people had questions about these brands and types of products—you asked, we answered!

Just a quick note: some of these items will be okay for some folks, but not for others—it is up to you to decide whether it works for your individual health goals and needs. Like with any food, you need to experiment mindfully and observe how your body responds. This is a great way to use the daily success log on pages 56-57 of the guidebook—logging your meals and having a record of your reactions to what you eat will help you to discover which foods are working for you and which are not.

These updates will be reflected in future printings of the books, but for now, here is a quick reference of the new guidelines and products that are now allowed. Remember to look carefully and the limits and serving sizes.

So, without further ado, here are the updates!

Starches and flours

The following starch flours are LIMIT foods. Serving is 2 tablespoons total per day.

  • tapioca
  • arrowroot
  • cassava

**Tigernuts/Tigernut flour are NOT allowed on the 21DSD.

Store-bought wraps and tortillas

There are many 21DSD-friendly recipes for wraps and tortillas, but if you don’t want to make your own, here are two types of approved alternatives.

  • Siete Foods tortillas (local to Austin, Texas and available online and in stores nation-wide)
    • Allowed for all levels; LIMIT food. Serving is 1 tortilla per day.
  • Coconut wraps are allowed as long as all of the ingredients fall on the yes list. Improv'eat Purewraps is the brand recommended in The 21-Day Sugar Detox guidebook and The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook.
    • Allowed for all levels; YES food.
 Store-bought crackers

Crackers are quick and easy store-bought items, especially those of you doing Level 1 who are transitioning to whole foods; they are also good snacks for kids whose parents want a want a healthier alternative to wheat crackers or chips (and they're nut-free so they can be packed in school lunches).

  • Mary's Gone Crackers has two new flavors that are gluten-free, soy-free, and are made from whole grains and seeds. Only the Super Seed and Hot n’ Spicy Jalapeño flavors are approved.
    • LIMIT food for Level 1 participants only. Serving per day is up to 13 crackers and would replace any other whole grains that you might otherwise include.
  • Flackers are made from dehydrated, flavored flax seeds. Only the Sun Ripened Tomato & Basil flavor is approved.
    • Allowed for all levels; YES food.
  • Drink Maple Pure Maple Water is a nice electrolyte-rich alternative to water, energy drinks, and coconut water.
    • LIMIT food for all levels; serving is 8oz. per day.

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