21-Day Sugar Detox | Morning Coffee Recipe

21DSD Morning Coffee

21-Day Sugar Detox | Morning Coffee RecipeHey guys, April here! You might know me from the 21DSD Instagram account. And if not, you're missing out! Follow @21daysugardetox for great tips, tricks, recipes and motivation.

Ever wondered how I mix up the foamy, spice-topped coffee you see in the 21DSD Instagram Stories? Read on!

I was not a coffee drinker for most of my adult life.  There, I said it! I just didn’t “get” coffee, and I thought the taste was not that great.  Then five years ago, I made a visit to Picnik Austin and had my first butter coffee. I have been hooked ever since!  Butter blended with coffee – who knew it would taste so magical?

I’ve spent some time playing around with different ingredients, and the result is a perfect cup of morning goodness. I usually only drink one mug a day, so I make it count!

Here’s how I make it:

21DSD Morning Coffee

It may sound like a lot of ingredients, but trust me – it all works together!

To make it, I add everything (except the Apple Pie Spice) into a small saucepan and blend it with an immersion blender.  I pour it into my mug, and top with Apple Pie Spice.

Delicious and 21DSD-friendly, it’s a perfect way to start the day!



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