21DSD Testimonial: “We saw it, we ate it.”


Hey Folks! We're excited to introduce Brittany A., a 21DSD alum. Brittany's testimonial is part of a series featuring participants who rocked their 21DSDs! Enjoy! – Diane and Team

Quick-fire facts

Level completed: 1

Favorite thing about the program: The food in the book was actually good.

Favorite 21DSD recipe: Coconut Basil Halibut with Spinach

Awesome benefits I experienced:

  • Sugar & carb cravings diminished or eliminated
  • Change in palate/tastes
  • Change in overall lifestyle choices for the better
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved mood and general outlook on life
  • Improved skin health
  • Reduced allergies
  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss (7lbs! My husband lost 17lbs!)

Non-scale victories:

  • I got off caffeine as well.

In my own words

My husband John said, “We saw it. We ate it.” Our journey started with watching That Sugar Film which made us hate sugar. I researched sugar detox diets and I found Diane and the 21-Day Sugar Detox. The first six meals we made from the cookbook were amazing. It made us think we can do this.

I quit caffeine because I believed it was directly affecting my sugar cravings; when I came down off the caffeine, I needed sugar. Now that I broke that habit I can have just black coffee and be good.

My husband and I are now 89 days sugar free. We occasionally eat corn tortillas and rice but were strict for 60 days following the 21DSD guidelines and have had no sugar besides fruit.

There are still some days that we struggle with missing certain items; convenience food, chips, and sandwiches were a big part of our lives, and ice cream and chocolate were favorite treats. On those hard days, we complain to each other and acknowledge that its a hard day, and then we remind each other that sugar is poison and we don't want to poison our bodies.

Another benefit is our three children make choices on their own to not have dessert occasionally (we do not force them to participate), but by our example they make the no sugar choice by themselves. They choose fruit far more often ON THEIR OWN then they ever did before.

We eat a high fat, low carb, sugar free diet and are slowly figuring out staying sugar free while eating out. Meditation and prayer help a whole lot.

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