3 Days Post-Detox

Today's Lesson:

Everything in moderation?

We’ve all heard that the best diet advice is “everything in moderation.” (You may have heard it from friends and family during your detox—it’s a common criticism.) But this isn’t always true, not for everyone, and not for every food. Some people do well with the concept of “everything in moderation,” but others truly do not.

For many people, one serving (or even one bite) of a tempting but unhealthy food will send them into an all-day—or even all-week or longer—tailspin. Some people do just fine having a small bite or two of something sweet, but others feel like it’s all or nothing and do better without a bite at all. Neither approach is wrong, they’re simply different. We all need to figure out what works for us, then proceed accordingly.

I’ll also note that the idea of having some foods in moderation while avoiding others entirely is completely valid. You may find that you don’t have an issue eating a couple of squares of dark chocolate (a lovely post detox food and a nice occasional treat), while someone else might feel compelled to eat the whole bar. At the same time, you may find that dried mango (another great post-detox food choice) goes down far too easily for you, and you can’t seem to stop eating it once you start.

So, for each of us, it’s important to find out whether we tend to do better with moderation or not and if there are certain foods that we just can’t eat in moderation. Then proceed accordingly.

The Dish from Diane:

Just because a friend, spouse, or loved one does well with moderation doesn’t mean that it’s the “right” way to operate. Allow me to give you the space to recognize if you simply do better abstaining from certain foods or activities. For some reason, people don’t question it if you don’t want to smoke a cigarette just because they’re smoking one, but when it comes to a cookie, they can’t seem to help trying to persuade you that “just one cookie isn’t a big deal.” You’re allowed to decide what feels best for you—whether that means you enjoying something in moderation or not!

Today's Checklist:

  • Reintroduce a food and track how you respond to it.

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