4 Days Post-Detox

Today's Lesson:

Finding your new normal, part 1

For the last three weeks, you’ve had strict rules around what to eat and, more importantly, what not to eat. For many of you, the idea that there are no longer rules hanging over your head may leave you wondering, “Now what? How do I move forward from here to create a new normal?” Or maybe you’re feeling relieved, like you’ve learned something and you have an idea of how to build your post-detox plate to include some non-21DSD foods while incorporating what you now know about yourself.

Since we all have different personalities and handle nutritional programs, rules, and expectations differently, we actually can’t all move forward from the 21DSD in the same way! I know this seems tricky, but I’ll give you some practical ways to figure out what feels best for you.

Scenario 1: “My rules, your rules, either works for me!”

Post-21DSD, you feel like you’ve learned how you want to move ahead by incorporating some of the rules that work for you, and it feel like it’ll be hard to maintain the lifestyle you want to without the rules of the program to hold you accountable. You may not struggle to maintain healthy habits when you’re not “on a plan” anymore.

Your best bet: Decide which elements of the program you’ll abide by and which you feel you can happily bend. For example, perhaps you’ll continue to avoid soy and gluten, but you’ll add back in a daily serving or two of berries or other sweet fruits. This way, you can stick to what you’ve found works for you while you take what you learned on the program into your everyday life.

Scenario 2: “I do better with someone else’s rules.”

Post-21DSD, you feel free, which is sort of nice, but you’re almost too free! Without the structure of the rules of the program, you feel like you don’t quite know how to achieve the balance you can and want to achieve. You may feel like not “being on a plan” is truly causing a lot of stress for you.

Your best bet: Collaborate with some friends or accountability partners to help maintain your healthy habits. It can certainly be your spouse, roommate, or other friend or loved one, but it could also be a buddy you’ve made online or someone you keep in touch with via text. Plan to check in when you aren’t sure if you’re making the healthiest decision. If you set up this accountability, it’ll be a lot easier to maintain your healthy habits.

Don’t recognize yourself in either of these descriptions? I’ll look at two more common scenarios in tomorrow’s lesson.

The Dish from Diane:

Remaining part of a community of like-minded people isn’t something that needs to end when your 21DSD ends! Stay connected so you can get the support you need to stay accountable, as well as encourage others along their journey and provide your insights and wisdom when they need it, based on your own experience.

Today's Checklist:

  • Take notes on how you’re doing with the food you reintroduced yesterday.

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