7 Days Pre-Detox

What to Expect:

“I'm totally excited for this, I think…”

Feelings of anxiety and nervousness are typical when you decide to embark on the 21DSD program. Taking the coming week to prepare and learn about sugar will help you get ready for day 1. No need to worry, just stay with us each day!

Today's Lesson:

Why do we crave sugar?

Long ago, the only sweet-tasting foods available were fruit and honey, which were nutrient-dense and available only seasonally. Therefore, our ancestors ate far fewer calories from sweet foods than we do today, when we have sugar-laced foods available to us all the time.

Why are we wired to love and seek out sweet foods? If we know sugar is bad for us, why do we constantly want to eat it?

The answer, DOPAMINE! Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps to control feelings of reward and pleasure. We get dopamine hits from many healthy sources, such as physical touch and exercise, but unfortunately, we also see a spike in dopamine when we have caffeine, narcotics, and you guessed it, sugar.

When we eat sugar, the dopamine response we get encourages us to continually search for that pleasurable feeling. This wouldn't be an inherently bad thing if you were receiving these signals from eating nutrient-dense sources of sugar, like berries, in the context of an overall healthy, balanced diet.

But that's not what happens today. Today, it's most often refined forms of sugar that are empty of nutrients that are triggering the release of dopamine, which leaves you with a constant desire for more sugar!

The Dish from Diane:

A week out from your 21DSD, you're filled with blind optimism. At this point, you are probably nervous about how you'll succeed. But at the same time you're feeling so ready for this change—in fact, you wonder if you really need an entire week of prep. All I can say is this: trust the process. As you head into this week, keep in mind that the efforts you make now will help you truly succeed over the twenty-one days. Inevitably, those who commit to the program one day and then start it the next… well, they fail. This program requires that you prepare for it, and when you're truly ready, your commitment will pay off!

Today's Checklist:

  • Review the YES/NO foods list* and take note of NO foods that you currently eat regularly.
  • Determine your level* and take note of YES/NO foods that apply to you.
  • Build your 21DSD Plate* and anticipate how your meals and snacks will look. You can adjust these as necessary, but get a good starting point sorted out now.

*These are all available for download FREE in the Quick Start Guide. Download the Quick Start Guide here.

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      Hi Vickie,

      As we are no longer supporting the 21DSD online, the official Facebook Group has been archived. However, there are plenty of unofficial Facebook Groups that have been created to offer that same support. Thanks – Moriah, Team 21DSD

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