21DSD Cookbook Nutrition Facts

EM – for Energy Modification only
PM – Pescetarian Modification friendly (as-is or with simple ingredient swaps or omissions)
AI – Autoimmune Modification friendly (as-is or with simple ingredient swaps or omissions)
C – contains coconut (does not include coconut oil since this may be easily swapped)
N – contains nuts (does not include coconut or nut oils as these may be easily swapped)
E – contains eggs
NS – contains nightshades
* – recipe is also featured in The 21-Day Sugar Detox (guide book)

For information on recipes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook, click here

For information on recipes in The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide, click here

main dishes 

(egg-free breakfasts)
banana vanilla bean n’oatmeal – view
carrot-apple skillet breakfast hash – view
apple ginger green smoothie – view
apple pie smoothie – view
pumpkin spice smoothie – view

southwestern breakfast skillet – view
worth-the-wait crustless quiche – view
pizza frittata – view
mushroom & green onion frittata – view
breakfast sausage & biscuit sandwich – view
butternut squash pancakes – view

pollo asado – view
basic cilantro cauli-rice – view
chicken pot pie – view
artichoke & lemon chicken with capers – view
slow cooker chicken adobo – view
lemon ginger chicken – view
tandoori chicken skewers – view
zoodles with creamy tomato sauce & chicken – view
chicken strips – view
curried chicken salad with apples – view
BBQ chicken – view

(red meat)
beef & bacon cottage pie – view
cinnamon & fennel braised pork – view
fennel & sage meatballs – view
asian ginger flank steakview
beef larb (thai lettuce wraps) – view
pot roast with root veggies & mushrooms – view
satay skewers – view
10-minute sliders – view
chorizo burgers with spicy red onions – view
coffee & cocoa rubbed ribs – view
lamb burgers with chunky avo-ziki – view

italian sausage & peppers – view
smoky grilled pork chops with cookout coleslaw – view


ahi tuna poke bowl – view
jalapeño-dill tuna salad – view
coconut-basil halibut with spinach – view
salmon with creamy tzatziki sauce & dill carrots – view
no-honey mustard pecan-crusted salmon – view
shrimp scampi with creamy garlic fettuccine – view
cabbage-wrapped dumplings – view
cilantro shrimp stir-fry – view
vegetable lasagne – view


pesto deviled eggs – view
dill crackers – view
sunbutter – view
“buttermilk” buns – view
celery root cakes – view
sundried tomato hummus – view
herb almond “cheese” spread view
smoky lime nut mix – view
salt & vinegar kale chips – view
chinese five spice turkey jerky – view
chili-garlic turkey jerky – view

not-sweet treats

kombucha gelatinview
apple spice “granola” – view
apple chai spice scones – view
nutty cinnamon crumb cake – view
pumpkin spice latte – view
sunbutter brownies – view
banana pecan macaroons with chocolate glaze – view
banana-nut cake mini donuts – view
pumpkin spice donuts – view
sunbutter truffles
(cocoa-espresso – view & almond-cocoa nib – view)
tart lemon torte – view


garlic chili paste – view
avocado crema – view
creamy cilantro garlic sauce – view
bbq sauce – view
caramelized onions – view
no-honey mustard sauce – view
spiced buttery apple spread – view
thousand island dressing – view
apple cider vinaigrette – view
creamy ranch dressing – view
creamy pesto dressing – view
spinach & walnut pesto – view

kitchen basics

bone broth *
vegetable broth
coconut milk – view
almond milk & meal * view
balsamic vinaigrette dressing *view
lemon-herb dressing *view
sweetener-free ketchup *view
simple marinara *view
clarified butter & ghee *view
healthy homemade mayonnaise *view
avo-goddess sauce *view
creamy ginger lime dressing *view
spicy sesame ginger dressing *view
avo-ziki sauce *view
spice blends