Step Away from the Scale: why the 21DSD is about so much more than weight loss

The 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) is not a diet! It’s a real food reset that empowers you to move away from your reliance on refined sugar and highly processed carbohydrates by building new, healthful habits, and nourishing your body with real, nutritious foods.

While a large portion of participants do report weight loss on the 21DSD, it isn’t the main focus of the program, and everyone's experience is unique. Take heart! The most powerful, life-enhancing results of this program have nothing to do with the scale! And, as we'll share later, the number on that scale won't provide you with an accurate reflection of your progress anyway.

Over the last decade, thousands of participants have completed The 21-Day Sugar Detox using the original ebook, the online program, and The 21-Day Sugar Detox books, and hundreds have shared their results with us. Here are some of the top non-scale victories that 21DSD participants have provided us through their testimonials:

“My mental health awareness has significantly increased! I don’t have a foggy brain that I normally would experience throughout the day. My sleeping pattern has completely changed. My overall mood has stabilized and I no longer feel that low blood sugar feeling.” – T. M.

“No migraines! I feel accomplished and in control of my eating…I feel better in my clothes and when I look at myself in the mirror. I feel less bloated overall. Mentally I feel stronger just prepping meals and pulling things out of the fridge to put together.” – J.W.

“My hip pain that I had for so long diminished a lot, I'm sleeping like a baby (NO more snooze button for me!), and my workouts are way better. I can work out longer and more intense!” – M.M.

Do any of these non-scale victories resonate with you? Have we changed your mind about using a scale during the 21DSD?

One of the most powerful resources that program creator Diane Sanfilippo provides in the Daily Guide is “What to Expect” each day. On day 16 of the 21DSD she addresses the misplaced focus on weight and the scale. Here’s an excerpt:

It’s best not to get on the scale except once before and once after your 21DSD— otherwise, you’ll drive yourself crazy watching those numbers. Instead, review the many reasons why you decided to begin this detox in the first place and focus on the amazing changes that have happened in your body and your life so far…you can get better-quality information about your health in more ways than we can count. How do your clothes fit? How is your energy? Your performance in the gym. Your moods. Your skin. Your more positive mental attitude overall. Need I go on? These are all better ways to evaluate your health than weighing yourself. 

If you’re concerned about overall weight loss, trust how your clothes fit, photos you take along the way to track progress, and basic body measurements (the kind you use to determine your clothing size) rather than the scale. If you are exercising, you’re likely building muscle and losing fat, and that won’t reflect in the way you’re hoping it will on the scale. Don’t forget that body fat weighs less than muscle mass—you could weigh less than someone of similar stature and still have more body fat.”

21DSD alum, Jessica Valliere recently shared her experience and some wisdom in our amazing, supportive 21-Day Sugar Detox Facebook Group Community, which speaks volumes about the day-to-day fluctuations that can derail your spirit and sabotage your focus. 

Jessica shares:

“Wanted to share why I only weigh myself … the day before and the day after [the 21DSD]…a good reason why you shouldn't let the number stress you out…

I weighed myself on Friday. I was 1 pound heavier than the last time I weighed myself a month before. I chalked it up to Christmas. Just weighed myself again, because the detox “officially” begins tomorrow. I was down 2.4 pounds…in two days. I know there's no way I actually lost 2 full pounds of fat in two days. Then I remembered that I didn't drink near enough water on Thursday. Which means my weight gain was more than likely water. Also, while I did pee after I woke up, I had to go again right after I weighed myself. Just for curiosity's sake, I weighed myself AGAIN. I'd lost 4 ounces just from going to the bathroom….during the detox, your body is going to be going through A LOT of changes the entire time… if you weigh yourself every day you could end up feeling discouraged …do yourself a huge mental favor and wait until the end. It will really help.”

As you can see, the 21DSD is so much more than weight loss! Right?! Do you resonate with the non-scale victories we shared here? If YES, please join our 21DSD community! You can get started right away or wait until the first Monday of the month when we facilitate a community-wide 21DSD program.

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